Aims & Objectives

Aims and Objectives of the Institutions
Harirampur is a backward area in the fields of education inWest Bengal state. There  was rural and remote area of the district and there were no resources for lively hood at the time of foundation of the institution. The eminent people of the Dakshin Bahadurpur thought about education and economy of the area and decided to start educational institute.. For that, the institute was established to fulfill following objectives:

(1)  To help the student teachers to advance in their knowledge in their chosen subjects for the secondary school training.
(2)  To deepen their teaching skills to develop their capacity.
(3)  To use their experience of the training while they are in their teaching profession.
(4)  To help them to do the thing in time and to develop the punctuality.
(5)  To create the habit of reading and the importance of books.
(6)  To be more creative in their outlook as teachers.
(7)  To create a feeling of equality.
(8)  To be positive in their attitude and approach.
(9)  To be the future pillars and the leaders in the society.
(10)  To help the society in their all round development.
(11)  To lead the society and the country towards development.
(12)  To create the feeling of nationalism and the unity of the country.
(13)  To develop an International outlook.
(14)  To create a scientific outlook.
(15)  To make them understand the importance of environment.
(16)  To take care of the systems of the educational institutions.
(17)  To make them to use various the teaching aids and ICT in their teaching work.